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Five grooming tips to keep your pet and home healthy

1. Brush at least every week: brushing removes excess hair, reducing the amount left to accumulate in your home. It also helps to distribute the coat’s natural oils, helping to keep the skin moisturized and eliminate stale oil odors.

2. Keep bathing to a minimum, and use moisturizing shampoos such as oatmeal colloidal-based formulations, which don’t interfere  with the skin’s natural moisture levels. We recommend only bathing when odour is a problem, and considering a water-only rinse to remove daily dirt accumulation.

3. Remove soiling around the hind region: long-haired coats, particularly in older animals who may find grooming more difficult, can easily become soiled after your pet urinates or defecates. Keep odor and bacteria to a minimum by cleaning the area at least twice a day and consider trimming the region of excess fur.

4. Trim fur around the eyes: imagine walking around with your eyes covered all day - it’s not much fun for us, or for our furry friends. Remove any fur that grows over the level of the upper and lower eyelids. This will vastly improve your pet’s quality of life, prevent the accumulation of debris, and minimize the risk of abrasions to the eyeball.

5. Avoid plucking inside the ears, unless advised by your veterinarian: overzealous hair removal wrecks havoc on the body’s ability to naturally defend against skin and ear infections. Consult with your veterinarian before you attempt to remove hair, regardless of the volume.

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